The Power of Using Digital and Radio Together

As 2023 ends, many business owners and marketers are focusing on 2024, considering new and innovative ways to increase revenue and reach more consumers. While reaching a broader audience is an important goal, many are looking to be strategic with their target marketing strategies, searching for the perfect balance between the two ways of connecting with potential customers.

Enter radio and digital marketing packages. It is no secret that radio is a phenomenal way to reach an audience because many people listen at a much higher retention rate in their car. After all, that is the only message they are focused on at the time. Adding digital marketing to your advertising budget creates a powerful combination that will set you and your company up for success in 2024.

Radio and digital marketing both shine when used for appropriate marketing purposes. Typically, radio is best used for broad-reach marketing, which gets your message in front of as many people as possible to increase awareness about your business.

Digital works best for targeted marketing, which is more specific. Instead of trying to reach a broad audience, digital marketing uses social media, email, and search engines to target specific audiences based on their demographics, interests, and behaviors.

The marriage of the two types of marketing hits consumers where they need, wherever they are in the buyer’s funnel. Combining digital consumer targeting with radio is one of the best ways for advertisers to re-capture or maintain a competitive advantage.

Local radio stations have the upper hand in advertising because they are unique and well-respected fixtures in their local communities. Radio has its finger on the pulse of its listening audience and is well-positioned to support advertisers’ growth and help them flourish. Augmenting their traditional broadcast advertising opportunities with a digital advertising inventory provides a better value and reach than other options.

B101.5 Digital Solutions offers a variety of on-air radio packages, advertising opportunities, and the most robust digital advertising product in this area. The “B” is family-friendly and the top radio station for listeners in our region.

Some services the B101.5 Digital Services team offers include: 
  • Animated Display Banners
  • Geofencing
  • Video Pre-Roll
  • Connected TV
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Streaming Audio 

At B101.5 Digital Solutions, we focus on being part of the community with jocks who are onsite and ready to entertain listeners daily. The partnership between digital and radio can help your business skyrocket. If you want to hear more about what we offer, fill out our contact form, and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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