Generation Z: Seizing Opportunities in Digital Marketing

The spending power of Generation Z is growing, making them a crucial market to target for businesses. According to a recent Bloomberg report, these “Zoomers” have $360 billion in disposable income to spend. Generation Z spends money and is attracted to marketing in different ways than previous generations. So, how can you best reach them through digital marketing?

Generation Z: Who Are They?

This consumer group was born between 1997 and 2012 and is in their teens to mid-twenties. As the first generation of truly digital native consumers, they have been a part of the online digital world their whole lives. Gen Z has grown up with the internet, smartphones, and social media and is comfortable moving from online to offline communities.

Generation Z: What Matters to Them?

To tailor your marketing to this group, knowing what is important to them is crucial. Generation Z is tech-savvy and social-minded, looking to form relationships and buy from brands that have clear values, are inclusive, and have a thriving online community.

Zoomers are loyal, trusting brands they have grown up with and sticking with their favorite brands for many years, showing the importance of building and keeping relationships with the brands they support.

This generation also has the power to influence the whole family. They are still connected to their parents and may even live with them, yet they generate income. They strongly influence the food, beverage, furniture, travel, and restaurant the family patronizes.

Generation Z: Strategies for Marketing

1. Showcase your Values and Mission:

Gen Z is looking for truth. Show them you are socially conscious and what matters to you. They will see right through any marketing that is not truly authentic.

2. Keep it Short:

The rise of platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram demonstrates this generation’s short attention span. One expert says you have about eight seconds to get Zoomers to pay attention, or they move on.

3. Use Video:

Gen Z loves videos on their smartphones, making them an extremely effective marketing tool.

4. Be Authentic:

Show the people behind your brand and invest in creating relationships with this target audience. Use photos of real people and customers rather than stock photos.

5. Have Fun:

Zoomers love adventurous, fun-spirited content that allows them to escape momentarily.

6. Encourage Participation:

Gen Z wants to be heard! Encourage content creation and ask them if you can share their reviews and social media posts. Authentic engagement with this audience is a must.

7. Don't Forget Brick-and-Mortar:

Three times as many Gen Z’ers say they will shop in a retail store than online. Reach these Zoomers in all places they are, from online to in person.

Marketing to Generation Z doesn’t have to be a mystery. Abundant data is showcasing their preferences in marketing and spending. Effectively reaching them involves employing platforms and tools judiciously, with purpose and transparency.

Successfully tapping into this demographic that values authenticity and seeks to connect with brands that embody genuine values requires leveraging readily available insights to inform your marketing strategies.

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